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Products and production

Our products:

long wooden posts


ClassLongTypeDiameter in base
(minimum in cm.)
Diameter at top
(minimum in cm.)
L7,5 M.Lightweight1611
M7,5 M.Medium1813
G7,5 M.Heavy2216
L8,5 M.Lightweight1711
M8,5 M.Medium1913
G8,5 M.Heavy2316
L9 M.Lightweight1811
M9 M.Medium2113
G9 M.Heavy2416
L10 M.Lightweight18.514
M10 M.Medium2115.5
G10 M.Heavy2417
L11 M.Lightweight2014
M11 M.Medium2215.5
G11 M.Heavy2417
L12 M.Lightweight2014
M12 M.Medium2215.5
G12 M.Heavy2517
L13 M.Lightweight2014
M13 M.Medium2315.5
G13 M.Heavy2617

short wooden posts

Thanks to the greater resistance and durability offered by impregnated wood, and the high resistance to rotting from fungi and insects.

Short impregnated posts are an excellent option when chosen for different uses:

  • Vineyards.
  • Greenhouses, nurseries, farms.
  • Blueberry plantations.
  • Rural constructions.
  • Cabins.
  • Impregnation services for different uses. Example: Decks for pools, roofs, etc.

Measures: They vary from 2.00 mts. Up to 6.00 mts.

With different diameters    8/10 cm.

                                               10/12 cm.

                                               12/14 cm.

Production is divided into the following stages:

Wooden entrance:

The systems used in our plant are two:

Empty cell method for wood treatment, generally used with water-soluble preservatives. This method is different from the full cell one, in which the initial emptiness is omitted and the preservative solution is injected trough atmospheric pressure. A longer final emptiness is necessary to prevent the wood from exuding.

The technique used in this system is the following: before introducing the preservative solution in the sterilizing unit, the air contained in the interior of wood is moved with an initial emptiness. Then, its pressure is increased until it reaches the same.

Pictures taken by clients: